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Looking for a place to sew with plenty of room and none of the distrations of home? Or perhaps your sewing machine is on the blink and you really need to finish that project? Give us a call and reserve our classroom! At just $5/hour ($7 for serger) you get complete access to our sewing machines, cutting tools, irons, tables, and more.

Please note there is no instruction involved and you need to be self-sufficient on the sewing machines.


Janome sewing machines and serger
Rotary cutters
Cutting mats


Please call or email to check on availability and to reserve a time. Sew Space is generally available Monday through Friday 10am - 5pm and other times depending on our class schedule. Please note we will ask you to end your session 30 minutes before any class that may be starting.


$5/hour per person - one hour minimum for sewing machine.

$7/hour per person - one hour minimu for serger.

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